Plain and simple: Keri has a unique and special ability to see “beneath” a person, or organization’s, “outer layer” and to efficiently devote her efforts into unearthing a client’s “specialness”.

Jim Gregory

Managing Member, Law Office of James L Gregory III

Keri Zoumas has been upbeat and the inspirational type of personality consistently throughout her life, and while dynamic, still maintaining a gentle, caring as well as humble persona, in and out of the public eye. It comes naturally to Keri in a most pleasant and genuine way.
Claude Elenewich


Keri is as talented as she is gifted in knowing, truly knowing what needs to be said. Keri’s sincere desire for others’ success drives her to learn and grow so she is superbly equipped to be effective for each person.I strongly recommend working with Keri. Thanks Keri, for all you do!
Kelly Avenoso

Area Manager, Arbonne

Keri is honest and open, a true heart-centered entrepreneur. She provides guidance and insight with a personal touch, completely tailoring her mentoring to individual needs and goals. Keri sets out to produce an outcome and manages to do not only strategically but also with an infusion of humor and love.

Jacki Lachman Hirsch

Regional Vice President, Arbonne

I benefit from the ideas and philosophies that are shared by Inspire Greater Expectations page. I have a real estate business and am self motivated by applying so much to my daily life and am very grateful to this honest intelligent purposeful page.
Joanna Renner

Joanna Renner Creative Solutions

The first time I met Keri, I loved her humor, authenticity and stories. She explains things that are relatable, and always there to help you reach your own success and goals. If you need motivation and inspiration you can count on Keri!

Donna Walter

Owner, Skincare by Donna

Keri is the real deal! She’s smart, insightful, caring and incredibly skilled at helping you get to the heart of what matters most to you. I’m blessed to have her in my corner and highly recommend you get her in yours, too!
Alison Warner

Enterpreneur - Professional Organizer

One of the things I really appreciate about Keri as my coach is her intuition. I know that she is tuned into me and who I am and what I need. I had been looking for a coach for a while and wasn’t sure if we would be a good fit and what I have found is a coach that I can trust to give me exactly what I need, point out things that I may not have noticed and help me change patterns/habits that aren’t serving me.

Jeanette Hanson

Network Marketing Professional

Keri is thoughtful, kind & so generous. She will motivate and inspire you to be mindful and present in all that you do each and every day.
Kristen Dolan


Very effective coach/speaker/leader. Blessed to have learned how to not only take control of my life, but my business as well. Thank you Keri, for being the phenomenal person you are!

Zemirah Scott

CEO - Best Selling Author - Influence

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